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People, addicted to drugs and psychotropic substances, wishing to receive treatment in the community, must be sober - that is completed detoxification (cleansing the body of drug metabolites) course. Those wishing to join the community are accepted (or not) at a community meeting. At this meeting candidate's motivation for treatment is assessed. This is done via detailed questioning why the addict has decided to give up drugs, why he decided to go to the community and so on. Usually motivation for treatment is "negative." This means that the addict comes to treatment not because they appreciate life without drugs ("positive motivation"), but simply the use of drugs caused him so much pain and the problems, that drugs are no longer able to suppress them. These things come out during the interview. Therefore, it is important to assess whether the motivation for treatment is sufficient or whether he has come under pressure of serious problems which he hopes to stave off  after he had spent some time in the community.

Addict's motivation is usually seen from the beginning as soon as he contacts  the community: who takes care of their entry into the community -  he or his parents, how much is
he interested in the community, how much effosrt is he putting to get into community. After the interview with the candidate community meeting decides whether the candidate seems motivated for treatment and therapeutic community life. If so, the candidate is taken on a two-week trial period. This time is dedicated to his closer familiarization with the community. Community appoints a guardian - community member in the second or third phase of the rehabilitation, who is responsible for the supervision of a novice. In the trial period, a novice can take a good look and feel of the life of the community from the inside and finally decide whether he agrees with such treatment. Also, the community can get to know a new person and form an opinion about him.

In two weeks time community meeting again checks newcomers desire for treatment and decides whether he should be accepted for further rehabilitation. Patients are admitted via signed agreement, promising to comply with the internal rules of the community. The agreement also states that if the patient decides to stop treatment, he again can ask to join the community in half a year. However, if he was expelled from the community for some offenses, such application ir permitted not earlier than one year.  If the therapeutic community and its therapeutic team are unable to meet the patient's needs (for example, it turns out that the patient is suffering from a mental disease), the patient is directed to the corresponding institution where he can receive appropriate help.

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